NAQI® Skin Care Innovators

Since 1986, NAQI® merged science and cosmetics. Each skin care product is developed to professional standards for individual use. 

Each new product developed by NAQI® exceeds the standards and requirements of dermatological cosmetics.Thanks to our own high-tech and flexible production, NAQI® products are all proven to be exceptional in use.

 NAQI® CEO Edgard Geyskens founded the  company in 1986 in Halen, Belgium. His enormous  educational background includes postgraduate  studies in economics, financial management,  business administration and health care from  universities in Belgium and the U.S.,  including Cornell University.

Edgard Geyskens is constantly on the search for more information about keeping the skin in top shape and effectively protecting the skin against the elements. His staff of physicians, researchers and production specialists persist in finding the perfect blend of ingredients and consistency to satisfy both consumers and massage therapists.

Please contact for any questions: 

2000 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Suite 600
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(832) 516-8125